Kicking Procrastination

Kicking Procrastination to the Curb

Procrastination: something we’ve all heard of, participated in and, probably, found it hard to avoid at one time or another. I, for one, am one of those people. I’m one of those who, for the most part, doesn’t do it on purpose; my brain just works too quickly for my body.

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July Glossybox

July Glossybox: Reveal and Review

Morning all, last week I received my July Glossybox. Today, I am revealing and reviewing that products I received.

For those of you who don’t know, Glossybox is a beauty, monthly subscription box priced at £10 (plus P&P). It includes five beauty products, some full size and some sample size. I signed up for the box a few months ago, but I’ve only just got around to writing my reviews!

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Spring Throwback

Spring Throwback: Haltwhistle, Northumberland

Afternoon Lovelies.

We are now, almost, a month into summer, although you wouldn’t think it looking out the window today. Northumberland skies are a picture of grey and gloom today, but after a few days sunshine and warmth, you could call it refreshing. I made the most of Monday’s sunny day by grabbing my camera and heading into the garden.

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American Travels

American Travels: An Introduction

Who’s been to America? Who would like to go to America? Who would love to travel America?

I hope I’m not the only one who answered “me” to those three questions. Last summer, I spent four short months in America working at a summer camp and then travelling afterwards. I went from zero to fifteen states, mainly in the space of 4 weeks. I definitely saw more than my fair share and loved it all, which is why I want to share some of the amazing places I visited, so this is just a little introduction into my travel series. Continue reading “American Travels: An Introduction”

Urban Decay: JMB Collection

Urban Decay: Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection

Last week, I attended an Urban Decay blogger event showcasing their new Jean-Michel Basquiat collection, inspired by the artist himself. This “Makeup as Art” collection is truly stunning and unique.

Urban Decay's NEW LIMITED EDITION collection: the Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection. Read all about the launch here. Continue reading “Urban Decay: Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection”

Newcastle Races Header

Newcastle Races: St Patrick’s Day Event

This time last week, I was settling down from the buzz of being at the races. Ladbrokes very kindly invited 10 North East Bloggers along to Newcastle Races to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, with a 3-course meal and premier box included. I felt like a real VIP. Continue reading “Newcastle Races: St Patrick’s Day Event”

Header Image

Welcome to Chronically Inspired Life

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my very first post, here on Chronically Inspired Life! I wanted to give you a brief rundown on what you can expect from Chronically Inspired Life, how I came up with the name and also a little bit about me too. Also, I would love some feedback from you all on what you think of the layouts and theme – it’s always very welcomed and appreciated!

I’ll let you all in on a little secret before I begin: this is actually my second blog. I’ve been running Living with JHS for little over a year now and it’s all about chronic illness. I set up Chronically Inspired Life so that I could talk about the things I love in more detail. This leaves Living with JHS focused solely on chronic illness, raising awareness and supporting others. If you would like to check out Living with JHS, you can do so here. Continue reading “Welcome to Chronically Inspired Life”